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The event chair will deliver the opening remarks outlining the key themes of the programme and introducing speakers.

  • Investing in digital platforms and services to allow citizens better access to the state
  • Improving people’s experience using government services
  • Sharing best practice across organisations and scaling the innovative work which is already happening
  • Reducing the cost of delivering services and improving internal processes
  • Discussing the implications of Brexit on Digital Transformation

Oliver Dowden CBE MP, Minister for Implementation Cabinet Office (invited)

  • Discussing progress made in the last two years and the vision for 2020
  • Rolling out the Government Innovation Strategy and understanding its’ implications
  • Helping central and local government to use emerging technologies to address a number of problems
  • Understanding the implications and benefits of complex transformations, and overcoming the associated challenges

Fiona Deans, COO Government Digital Service (CONFIRMED)

  • Building the UK’s digital capital with London’s first Chief Digital Officer
  • Emphasising the importance of collaboration, data sharing and user-centred design
  • Helping small businesses acquire the right skills to take advantage of technologies
  • Driving the delivery of the London Office for Technology & Innovation

Stephen Lorimer, Smart London Strategy & Delivery Officer Greater London Authority (CONFIRMED)

  • Using Digitalisation to transform the medical profession
  • Providing the best possible services and outcomes for millions of patients world wide
  • Saving money, time and resources with electronic prescriptions
  • Integrating information across the sector with the launch of the new national record locator service

Ian Lowry, Director for Digital Integration NHS Digital (CONFIRMED)

  • Lessons from the Estonian e-governance model; the ultimate benchmark for how citizens should engage with the government
  • Making 99% of government services available online to Estonian citizens, as well as enabling individuals from other countries to become ‘e-residents’ with a digital ID card
  • Designing solutions from scratch based on the principles of decentralisation, interconnectivity and integrity
  • Working with other countries to replicate this model all over the world


Andrus Kaarelson, Director of Information Systems, Information Systems Authority Republic of Estonia (CONFIRMED)

  • Managing risks in complex, disjointed work environments
  • Instilling confidence in the face of previous challenges
  • Implementing new protections in every stage of transformation

Mark Sayers, Deputy Director, National Cyber Security Strategy Cabinet Office (invited)
Sarah Pickup, Deputy Chief Executive Local Government Association (CONFIRMED)
Geoff Connell, Head of Information Management and Technology Norfolk County Council (CONFIRMED)
Lauri Almond, Business Consultant Information Governance Operations Essex County Council (invited)
Lynn Wyeth, Head of IG & the DPO Leicester City Council (invited)