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Central Government
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Digital Identity
Local Government
Service Transformation
Shared Services
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  • Creating world class digital platforms and services
  • Providing the security for departments to share vital data
  • Encouraging more citizens to engage the government online
  • Reducing the cost of delivering public services

  • Using the foundations laid by the first years of digital transformation to deliver the Government Transformation Strategy.
  • Working to strengthen digital, data and technology capability across government
  • Examining the impact of current investment in digital transformation on Government
  • Enabling the efficient function of departments dedicated to delivering exit from the EU
  • Enacting the Government as a Platform programme.

PA Consulting experts in consulting, technology and innovation, working with businesses and governments worldwide.

  • Configuring the Marketplace for different users and digital literacies across government
  • Encouraging the use of the Digital Marketplace within local government
  • Maintaining a minimum standard across vendors on the system with variable payment options based on need
  • Breaking up larger contracts and enabling greater use of SMEs

  • Creating Connected Health Cities: Sharing health data across northern research centres to further the public good
  • Developing Arks: Secure data analytics centres at the heart of each city region to produce actionable intelligence regarding public health
  • Uniting eight universities, eight NHS teaching trusts and four Academic Health Science Networks to improve the lives of 15 million patients
  • Empowering citizens to take control of their healthcare and contribute to health service optimization and research
  • Managing an information-intensive project which feeds directly back into the communities in which it operates

  • Interrogating the National Audit Office’s findings about the roll-out of Verify
  • Considering the effects of retiring Government Gateway
  • Exploring alternative identification systems now being developed by HMRC and the NHS
  • Examining the benefits of the Verify system for local government
  • Illustrating the potential of new systems of identity assurance for both citizens and service providers

There are three Streams dedicated to:

  • User Experience
  • Service Transformation
  • Capability and Workforce

  • Working with those delivering services to improve online service design
  • Matching provider needs to system design to ensure better outcomes for service users
  • Finding new ways to interact with technology and data to make Government more efficient and effective
  • Moving away from ‘one size fits all’ services to user focused delivery

  • Measuring performance by examining 100 Data Sets across nine public services
  • Exploring the benefits of regular, data-driven performance reviews
  • Bringing the whole of government into the digital transformation process through effective, informed leadership
  • Emphasising the potential of opening up government data for service tracking, improvement and innovation

  • Effectively managing risks in complex, changing work environments
  • Learning from the attacks of the past year and creating effective defences
  • Building protections into each stage of an institution’s digital transformation
  • Raising front-line awareness of the importance of privacy and careful data sharing
  • Renewing trust in digital platforms amongst both service users and providers

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2:15 pm
Creating Capability in Digital, Data and Technology Professions
  • Building the first national framework of digital, data and technology roles
  • Refining learning and development opportunities through the GDS Academy
  • Representing over 17,000 digital, data and technology specialists across government
  • Enabling departments to focus on delivering change rather than gathering the resources needed to support it
  • Making the most of R&D resources opened up in the Autumn Statement
2:15 pm
2:35 pm
Combining ICT and Digital Departments: A View from the Inside
  • Looking at how two separate services merged to form the Parliamentary Digital Service
  • Maintaining a balance between ICT and Digital Expertise
  • Ensuring recruitment practices place the right talents in the appropriate role
2:35 pm
2:55 pm
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3:15 pm
Making Change Fair: Developing Long Term Strategies for Digital Transformation
  • Developing organisational strategies which enable flexibility in the face of change
  • Ensuring that changes to workforce and structures are fair
  • Managing the human-side of the digital transformation strategy
  • Sharing international experience from work with UNDP, UNEP and the Commonwealth Secretariat
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2:15 pm
Testing Your Tech Properly: Ensuring Proper Quality Assurance and Impact Assessment
  • Detecting errors and making alterations before testing phases
  • Measuring the success and impact of services changes
  • Exploring the value of quality assurance over mechanical testing
  • Identifying areas for future development and change
2:15 pm
2:35 pm
Increasing Efficiency in Intensive Care through Digital Transformation
  • Discussing the Going Paperless Awards Paperlite award winning project at Oxford University Hospital
  • Adopting the fully integrated Cerner Millenium electronic patient record
  • Creating a secure, single source integrated patient record for the intensive care unit
  • Making patient information readily available and easy to keep updated
  • Sharing information across a clinical team
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Developing Responsive Services by Migrating from Legacy Systems
  • Working to move off the majority of legacy systems and into the cloud within 3 years
  • Enabling agile working whilst significantly reducing departmental costs
  • Training existing staff to grow technical capabilities within the department
  • Ensuring services and data systems make use of standard application programming interfaces (APIs)
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2:15 pm
Bringing Content and UX Design Together
  • Marrying website design and content
  • Ensuring the services provided and processes explained on the DWP website are clear
  • Reaching out to audiences who may have limited access to online content
2:15 pm
2:35 pm
Exploring the Future of Digital Government: A Local Perspective
  • Participating in the Local level roll-out of the Verify program
  • Exploring shared APIs
  • Exploring the use of chatbots in council services
  • Discussing how Councils can undergo radical digital transformation
2:35 pm
2:55 pm
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3:15 pm
Streamlining Local Services through Effective Design
  • Building on Leicestershire’s Digital Council Programme to deliver organisational change
  • Using effective Ux design to make everything from carer recruitment to library loans easier
  • Examining how small tweaks can make huge changes for a service