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Join us online at the virtual summit to hear from these world-class speakers.

  • Day One, 13th May
  • Day Two, 14th May
8:30 am
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Your Tour of the Online Conference Platform

Before proceedings get underway, this short explainer session will explore how you can get the most out of our new next generation summit platform.  Our team will run through how to make virtual connections, creating networking meet ups, accessing content on demand and how to use our new Q&A, chat functions and virtual polling tools during the day.

9:00 am
Chair’s Opening Remarks
9:10 am
Opening Keynote: Delivering Digital Services that Make Government Efficient, Resilient and Meet Public Expectations
  • Building a new data-driven infrastructure to boost public sector transformation that will establish collaborative way of working and distribute authority to the frontline
  • National Data Strategy: the latest updates and next steps in reforming Government’s relationship with data
  • Establishing reliable digital ID services in the UK to unlock the UK’s digital infrastructure potential and digital identity economy – the latest consultation updates for a trust framework
  • The impact of Covid on the digital strategies in the public sector
9:30 am
Session lead by LoopUp
9:50 am
Keynote Panel: En Route to Transforming Government’s Use of Data to Drive Efficiency and Improve Public Services
  • National Data Strategy: using data to improve the citizen experience
  • According to the latest public consultation what steps must be taken and how far are we with the creation of an appropriately safeguarded, joined-up and interoperable data infrastructure?
  • What were the first steps taken by Data Standards Authority (DSA) to make data shareable and accessible across government services?
  • How to leverage a shared data model and support an open and transparent data infrastructure across the government?
  • How should the risks be managed to protect both internal and external data through a robust governance process?
  • How to ensure the use of ethical open and consistent data to design better services around user needs?
  • Updated Data Ethics Framework: How to ensure every proposed approach is proportionate and ethical? Is the proposed right for the purpose and better value than other solutions?
Ollie Buckley
Ollie Buckley
Executive Director
Joanna Davinson
Joanna Davinson
Executive Director
Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO)
Alison Pritchard
Alison Pritchard
Deputy National Statistician and Director General for Data Capability
Office for National Statistics (ONS)
Katharine Purser
Katharine Purser
Head of Data Strategy
Department of Work and Pension (DWP)
Senior Representative, GDS
Senior Representative, GDS
10:30 am
Break, Virtual Exhibition, Networking and Live Delegate Meet Ups

Your opportunity to make the most of the virtual Conference, meet up with fellow delegates and exhibitors, make connections, tour our real-time resources, and content and take part on discussions.

10:50 am
Keynote Address: Riding the Wave of Opportunity - How to Lead the Transition to Digital Maturity Post-Covid
  • Going through a technology push: How to evaluate public services digital maturity before departure?
  • Lessons learned and changes made during the Covid-19 pandemic: How to harness the ability to act fast and what changes are going to remain as a permanent feature?
  • How does the introduction of new technology impact cross government collaboration, ways of working, culture, and leadership?
  • Dealing with resistance: What are the proactive measures ensuring your innovative disruption is not mitigated?
  • How to incorporate a digital mindset into the entire public sector and let it define the outlook?
11:10 am
How the Public Sector can Reap the Benefits of Secure Digital Communication, Now and in the Future
  • COVID-19 has accelerated digital communication, but regular security was left behind.
    • Communication with staff, partners, citizens, suppliers – it’s all gone electronic and has required volumes of data to be shared securely, often within existing email services.
  • Secure digital communication can lower cost, increase efficiency and improve stakeholder satisfaction.
    • But only if it is intuitive, flexible and reflects how we work.
  • Learn from use cases how international public sector organisations successfully embraced digital communication.
    • Planning, risk mitigation, cost control, take-up and end result of more secure collaboration.
  • Learn what the ingredients are to a successful implementation and use of future proof digital communication.
    • Practical advice from organisations that have done it successfully, ‘warts and all’.
Rick Goud
Rick Goud
Chief Information Officer
11:30 pm
Fireside Chat | Digital Identity: What are the key considerations and next steps outlined for implementing digital identity on a national scale?
  • How will the latest regulatory updates and new consumer protection legislation support the use of digital identities across the UK?
  • What suitable privacy and technical standards should be in place to allow interoperability and establish individuals’ rights over the use of their digital IDs?
  • What is IAX and will it solve the government’s need for a seamless, usable, secure, citizen identity and develop digital identity market in the UK?
  • What digital identity projects local authorities are working on and what levels of expertise and further resources they would require sourcing to continue?
  • How to build trust, transparency and clarity for those who want to trust digital identities and those who want to be creating them with their citizens?
Erika Lewis
Erika Lewis
Director, Cyber Security and Digital Identity
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)
Sam Smith
Sam Smith
Head of IT & Digital for 3C ICT, Strategic IT Lead
Cambridgeshire County and Peterborough City Councils & Socitm
Senior Representative, GDS
Senior Representative, GDS
12:00 pm
Content Guru Seminar
MSC Digital Seminar
Nuance Seminar
Martin Taylor
Martin Taylor
Deputy CEO
Content Guru
12:45 pm
Lunch, Virtual Exhibition Networking and Live Delegate Meet Ups

Your opportunity to make the most of the virtual Conference, meet up with fellow delegates and exhibitors, make connections, tour our real-time resources, and content and take part on discussions.

1:45 pm
Chair’s Afternoon Welcome
1:50 pm
Adyen Seminar
Xerox Seminar
Mega Seminar
Hootsuite Seminar
UKCloud Seminar
2:20 pm
Afternoon Streams

Choose the sessions that best suit your interests this afternoon, as we break out into three streams – Central Government, Local Government and Health and Social Care

2:20 pm
Central & Local Government
Health & Social Care
HMRC’s Way to Becoming a Digitally Enabled, World-Class Organisation
  • Aftermath of 2020: delivering the coronavirus support schemes
  • What are the unique challenges and opportunities in 2021?
  • Expanding the online services to business and personal customers and implement the digital strategy
  • Rolling out the flagship Making Tax Digital programme
  • Ensuring the continued efficacy of IT systems at the UK border through the new Customs Declaration Service
  • Agile methods and organisational change
Daljit Rehal
Daljit Rehal
Chief Digital and Information Officer
Using Data Strategies in Health and Social Care: How to build on the permissive approach to data sharing while protecting the need for confidentiality?
  • How can data strategies help to streamline processes and optimise data requests and data sharing?
  • What steps are required and will result in a transformation of structures and responsibilities as governments seek to entrench a new data-driven decision-making approach?
  • How is the data analysed and displayed to make better strategic decisions along with improving public services and processes
  • Building a system of ‘distributed authority’, with decisions made as close as possible to where the information is, with everyone working right at the top of their skill set and qualifications.
2:40 pm
Central & Local Government
Health & Social Care
Session lead by Pure Storage
Session led by Health & Social Care stream sponsor
3:00 pm
Central & Local Government
Health & Social Care
Greenwich Council’s New Digital Strategy
  • Building online by default new resident services
  • Giving the staff the tools, they need and redesigning the desktop estate and new service desk software
  • Building a dedicated team to get better with data and making infrastructure and systems secure and interoperable
  • Boosting the digital capability through a rolling programme of apprenticeships, mandatory learning and development for staff
  • Supporting innovation across the borough through projects on the use of IoT
Kit Collingwood
Kit Collingwood
Assistant Director for Digital and Customer Services
Royal Borough of Greenwich
Transforming Customer Service:  How the global pandemic digitalised your citizen engagement
  • How contact centres continue delivering digital services and keep in step with demands of the public, politicians and professionals?
  • How the need for digital services impacting the use, building new processes and service design
  • GP Consultations: Digital by default?
  • How can transparency, better use of data, increased interoperability, and adoption of technological innovation improve care and promote collaboration and change?
Ian Phoenix
Ian Phoenix
Director of Citizen Health Technology
NHS Digital
3:20 pm
Break, Virtual Exhibition Networking and Live Delegate Meet Ups

Your opportunity to make the most of the virtual Conference, meet up with fellow delegates and exhibitors, make connections, tour our real-time resources, and content and take part on discussions.

3:40 pm
Central & Local Government
Health & Social Care
Government & Citizen Engagement: What impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the relationship between the government and its citizens?
  • How did public authorities adapt to the abrupt interruption of most physical forms of citizen participation in policy making?
  • What new forms of online engagement (especially deliberation) had to be considered by some authorities?
  • Which hybrid digital-in-person models have been also explored by the parliament as a way of continuing its functions of representation, legislation and oversight during the crisis?
  • Which services may remain as hybrid digital-in-person models for what were traditionally in-person processes before the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How to establish the essential trust in government to ensure compliance during the emergency phase and to build enough confidence for the recovery?
  • How to design institutionalised participatory opportunities for citizens at all levels of government to fight mistrust, increase compliance and advance inclusion?
Tracey Jessup
Tracey Jessup
Chief Digital and Information Officer
UK Parliament
Accessibility: How do we ensure that the benefits of digital transformation and economic growth are distributed across all parts of society and regions?
  • What are the best policy approaches and practices out there that are attempting to deliver equitable economic growth and how can these be scaled?
  • How to cater for the digitally excluded, providing a proper, full public service to the older generation, those with special needs and digitally illiterate?
  • Digital divide and its impact on marginalised and disadvantaged groups: What needs to be done to make digital services fully inclusive
  • What are the best practices in addressing navigational issues, the most common accessibility issues on UK council websites?
4:00 pm
Central & Local Government
Health & Social Care
How to build successful innovation capabilities in your organisational structure?
  • What does innovation mean on a central government level and what kind of innovation to pursue?
  • How to identify, trial, and scale or fail new digital technologies and make them relevant to the public services the organisation provides.
  • What is the right organisational setup to drive innovation in the public sector?
  • Case studies of innovation successes and failures
Alexander Holt
Alexander Holt
Head of Emerging Opportunities and Partnerships
Scottish Government
Digital Teaching & Innovation: Maintaining Training and Exams Curriculum in Health Services?
  • Future of training in healthcare and surgery: Accelerating the digital shift caused by the pandemic
  • What training and surgical exams should remain face-to-face and what can be done remotely?
  • How can the same level of care and safety be provided through online training?
  • What can be learned from different areas or industries? How can the use of simulators in aviation and engineering be adapted to learning and training in surgery?
  • How to keep employees engaged and up to speed in order to provide the best patients outcome?
4:20 pm
Chair's Closing Remarks & End of Day
9:20 am
Chair’s Opening Remarks
9:30 am
Panel Discussion | Using Data at Local Authority Level
  • What is the post-Covid 19 reality and future vision for local public services?
  • How to compete with the private sector on the digital customer experience and retain the citizens’ trust?
  • Leveraging data in your decision making processes: How to allow for data sharing and reuse across critical areas in a transparent and agile way?
  • How to use data to reduce the administrative burden on local authorities and automate case handling to free up resources for other priorities?
10:10 am
Platinum Sponsor session
10:30 am
Fireside Chat | Digital Public Services: Using Data to Achieve Fast Transformation at Scale with Limited Resources
  • Data governance as an essential building block for a full data-driven public sector
  • Sustaining public sector transformation beyond Covid-19 crisis: How to retain the speed of change and continue harnessing data, shifting processes and services transformation?
  • How can governments best achieve progress on the data front taking into consideration the role of the centre and workforce capabilities?
  • Building data skills across government: What ae the needs and how to meet them?
11:00 am
Morning Break, Virtual Exhibition, Networking and Live Delegate Meet Ups
11:20 am
Gold Sponsor session
11:40 am
Value Optimisation, Outcome Driven Technology and Digital Solutions
  • Evolving your technology and digital approach from a focus on products to solutions, service and outcomes
  • Achieving great value technology and digital outcomes through standardisation and aggregation
  • Maximising your supply chain – understanding the role of channel partners in service bundling, consolidation and innovation
Dr Philip Orumwense
Dr Philip Orumwense
Commercial Director and Chief Procurement Officer for Technology
Crown Commercial Service (CCS)
12:00 pm
Seminar Session 1
Seminar Session 2
Seminar Session 3
Seminar Session 4
12:30 pm
Lunch, Virtual Exhibition, Networking and Live Delegate Meet Ups
1:15 pm
Chair’s Welcome
1:20 pm
Panel Discussion | What Makes Digitally Enabled State – The View from Around the World
  • How to increase digital maturity across education, innovation, health and social care, economic resilience, and sustainability in order to build a digitally enabled state?
  • Has being digitally mature become a requirement of a good government that is able to leverage the use of data to address crises, such as the Covid-19?
  • What standards of data governance are required for digitally enabled state?
  • Keeping the momentum: What are the best practices in increasing adoption rates and political buy-in for new initiatives and technologies?
  • Leading government technology labs: What core technologies are currently being used and developed by government technology companies?
  • Cooperating internationally on digital governance issues: What code sharing, cross-border interoperability and cross-border services has been proven successful and how else can quick peer-learning and idea sharing be facilitated?
2:00 pm
Silver Sponsor
2:20 pm
Digital Workplace, Digital & Data Skills: How to ensure that public facing services personnel has digital capabilities to support citizens regarding digital access?
  • How different departments adjusted to remote working and what worked to improve employee experience, productivity and create collaboration?
  • What are the measures that government departments are implementing to boost digital education, skills and use of data?
  • How to deal with employee resistance and build trust in the systems that are being used?
  • Embarking on application modernisation initiatives across public sector is on the agenda for a few years ahead: How to close the skills gap and attract the right candidates to deploy new enterprise software in public services?
Neil Owen
Neil Owen
Collaboration and Communication Lead
DWP Digital
2:40 pm
Fireside Chat | Creating a Culture of Data and Innovation at Local Authority Level
  • Technology, data management and security, generational gaps, diversity and inclusion: How to build coherent organisational culture combining different dynamics?
  • How to allow the entire authority to be innovative and what procedures should be in place to facilitate innovation?
  • How to help people to operate in the fast-changing environment and create adaptive and innovative teams?
  • How to review the essential staff skills for the emerging tech and revamped processes?
3:10 pm
Chair’s closing remarks and the end of the conference