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The 2020 edition of Digital Government will offer delegates up-to-date insights on the current concerns and successes of digital government in order to help organisations deliver efficient, agile and user-focused digital services.

Benefits of Attending:

Hear from Industry Leading Speakers

Experience a thoroughly researched agenda with input from experts across the public sector

Gain insight into the Future

Realise the full potential of the future of digital transformation for online public services

Discover Best Practice Case Studies

Discover solutions from others in the industry who are further reducing the cost of delivering public services

Debate Key Topics

Engage in hot topic debates with both speakers and fellow attendees and help shape the digital landscape

Ensure a Safer Digital World

Instil confidence in your users by learning how to manage risks in complex environments

Develop your Workforce

Learn how to upskill your workforce and attract top external talent to keep up with the demands of the digital world

See Through your Users' Eyes

Find out how marrying the visuals of design with content creation can provide a better user experience

Meet Peers Interested in Digital Transformation

Take a day out of the office to chat with people who may hold the answer to your day-to-day problems

Who Will Attend?