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Anthony Swart

Senior IAM Specialist

Anthony has had a long career in IT spanning over 25 years working across a range of technologies and rolls. Anthony has spent 15 years working in the identity and access management space with a number of vendors including Sun Microsystems, Oracle, SailPoint and most recently with Okta. Anthony works as a Senior Sales engineer with Okta providing support to sales engagements for Okta’s enterprise customers and prospects. Anthony has a strong understanding of the Okta offering both from a technical perspective as well as the business value that Okta provides to customers. Anthony has an MBA from Manchester Business School that has helped to solidify his understanding of the business value that IT solutions bring as well as wider business drivers and challenges.

  • With more and more government services coming online there needs to be a secure scalable  approach to managing identity for these services. Federated identity services across government organsisations can help secure access to services while simplifying the user journey for citizens and avoiding the need for a huge monolithic government user repository. Government services need identity solutions that can be implemented quickly to meet the rapidly changing demands of government services.