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Adrian Conduit

Senior Director & Client Partner - Hitachi

The Programme SME has 45 years experience in healthcare, including over a decade of delivering clinical services as a biomedical scientist, 15 years managing public sector hospitals and over 18 years providing advisory services to public and private healthcare service providers at hospital, regional and national level.

Hitachi Consulting – Healthcare

Adrian primary focus is on whole system improvement utilising the actionable insights that result from the analysis of healthcare data, using these insights to drive organisation wide digital transformation. The removal of unwarranted variation is a primary driver, achieved by leveraging Hitachi’s cross-industry tools and technologies into the healthcare domain to deliver value to clients and improve services to patients.

Examples of key projects

  • Hospital level – Design of an integrated Digital Control Centre solution providing actionable insights to remove unwarranted variations. Scale of Hospital is 800+ beds, 8,000+ staff, ~$800m USD annual budget.
  • Regional level – Design of a digital pathology solution, making diagnosis independent of time and location. Scale of digital transformation was 450m (euros) across a population of western Sweden.
  • Multi regional solutions– Redesign, integration and transformation of pathology services across a wide population, rationalizing test profiles and merging disparate response time and staffing structures.