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Afternoon – Central Government Stream

Central Government Stream

11:25 - 11:35

Chair's Opening Remarks

11:30 - 11:50

Opening Keynote: Increasing the Pace of Digitalisation across Government


  • Collaborating across government, sharing data, and building better services
  • Building skills and providing a space to innovate; The DWP Innovation Dojo
  • Becoming truly user-centred in approach and creating reusable services with shared capabilities
  • Ensuring accessibility and joining up content and user journey across government departments

Nic Harrison
Director – Design, Architecture & Planning
DWP (Confirmed)

11:50 - 12:05

Sponsored Session

6 Degrees Group

12:05 - 12:25

Making Online Public Services Accessible

  • It is the ambition of the Government Digital Service (GDS) to make services as accessible and inclusive as possible, to ensure there are no barriers that might prevent people from interacting with government
  • We’ve grown the cross-government accessibility community to over 1,000 members and established an Accessibility Leaders Network
  • New regulations mean government and public sector organisations have a legal duty to make sure websites and apps meet accessibility requirements
Richard Morton

Richard Morton
Head of Accessibility
Government Digital Service (Confirmed)

12:35 - 13:20

Seminar Sessions

13:20 - 14:30

Lunch Break, Networking & Exhibition

14:30 - 14:45

Sponsored Session

14:45 - 15:25

Panel | Digital Identity; Assessing Progress and Plans for the Future

  • Ensuring that digital identity is a collaborative project across government departments to solve problems such as connected data and user journeys
  • Establishing a robust digital identity system that supports government in order to provide access to critical services
  • Keeping the system secure from identity crime and fraud
Renate Samson

Renate Samson
Senior Policy Advisor
Open Data Institute (Confirmed)

Shiv Aggarwal

Shiv Aggarwal
Lead at MyEarth.ID and European Lead
Government Blockchain Association (Confirmed)


Brian Sullivan
Chief Technology Officer
DVLA (Invited)

15:25 - 16:05

Lunch Break, Networking & Exhibition

16:05 - 16:25

HMRC – Becoming One of the Most Digitally Advanced Tax Authorities in the World through User-Focused Design

  • Improving user research to design better user-focused services
  • Ensuring digital accessibility through initiatives such as the empathy lab, and accessibility testing lab
  • Boosting internal digital skills

George Papatzanis
Head of User Research  
HMRC (Confirmed)

16:25 - 16:45

Communication and Collaboration: Developing a Data-driven Culture

  • Transforming service design through Digital, Data and Technology capabilities
  • Establishing the Developing Data Unit; defining and implementing a data strategy as well as offering support to data-related projects
  • Recruiting diverse professionals and improving skills through communities of practice
Arsalan Hussain

Arsalan Hussain
Strategic Data Manager
Department for Transport (Confirmed)


End of Conference